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This gorgeous shaving soap has a clean and floral allergen free fragrance oil. Is made using our own Goats milk, water from our fresh spring well and much more! White Kaolin Clay it is commonly used in shaving soaps to provide slip, so the razor glides over the skin which helps prevent cuts and razor burn.

Blue Lilac Goat's Milk Shaving Soap

68 Grams

    • Sodium Cocoate (Coconut oil)
    • Sodium palmate (RSPO)
    • Sodium olivate (Saponify pomace olive oil)
    • Stearic acid 
    • Sodium castorate (Saponify castor oil)
    • Aqua 
    • Goats milk
    • Glycerine
    • Kaolin 
    • Tocopherol (Vitamine E)
    • Allergen free Parfum

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